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Stole my money- $200 for dresses I NEVER received!! *** pissed!! Can't wait for Karma to roll in. Pathetic, horrible, woman to rob from people!! Read more

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Ronnie and his girlfriend, Jess, invited me to their home in Harrison Twp wanting me to invest $100,000 in her bikini and dress business, Pink Sugar XO. They wined and dined me on their boats and salt water pool. We even took a helicopter ride while they told me I would get a 30% return on investment. Ronnie and Jess drove us in their Jag to their strip club, Flight Club and showed me they had hundreds of dancers that wear her bikinis and... Read more

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Jessica Zamarron is now in the Michigan Department of Corrections for stealing from customers. She was sentenced on January 8, 2015 in Oakland Circuit Court for stealing. Karma does catch up to you! Her little boy is now with relatives during her prison stint. Don't be fooled by her posts, that is someone else pretending she's free. Finally, justice is served! There have been countless women who have been taken advantage of by Jessica... Read more

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Jessica - what is the best email for you. I keep emailing you and no response!

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For anyone reading this, my ex and his friends created probably 50 or more different email addresses and have been running my name through the dirt online, facebook, Instagram, better business bureau and whatever other social media outlet they see me on or way to try and sabotage myself or my company for years. I was with my ex on and off for 5.5 years and it seemed I always got a report that surfaced during a breakup or when he didn't want a... Read more

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Pink Sugar XO - - website shut down for stealing from customers
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Jessica Zamarron's website, her former ecommerce site got shut down because she stole money from innocent buyers and failed to send out bikinis or dresses. She claims on her new site that she relaunched and changed companies because the old one couldn't handle all of the traffic with her sales. Jessica Zamarron is a *** artist! Buyer beware - she will steal your money and run ✈️ Read more

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Pink Sugar XO - Review about Shop Owner from Saint Louis, Missouri
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Jessica Zamarron lies of abuse from her ex. She lies that she sends packages and lies the products are custom made. Buyer beware! You might not get anything if you buy from her site. Jessica Zamarron is laughing up the bank! Read more

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Jessica Zamarron, Vanessa, and Pink Sugar XO are scam artists. I took them to court in Miami, Florida and won a verdict against them! The judge awarded me the judgment due to faulty advertisement and failing to perform. I feel so badly for her son who has a liar for a mother. She's obviously unfit. Anyway! I won! This woman didn't even bother to show up. She's probably prancing around on a boat. Needless to say, justice was served! I... Read more

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So, I ordered the white mesh bandage dress, paid by credit card, and waited patiently. It has been six weeks, four emails and the response is that it is "in production". Yes it was less than $200, however, the point is that this company really scams customers. It's fraud company showing fictitious pink bags that people never receive. I think the owner made up the domestic violence to gain sympathy from innocent shoppers. All I know is that... Read more

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Jessica Zamarron has singlehandedly earned an F rating from the BBB. Customers routinely dont receive ordered clothes. She uses the money for vacations , plastic surgery,

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