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For anyone reading this, my ex and his friends created probably 50 or more different email addresses and have been running my name through the dirt online, facebook, Instagram, better business bureau and whatever other social media outlet they see me on or way to try and sabotage myself or my company for years. I was with my ex on and off for 5.5 years and it seemed I always got a report that surfaced during a breakup or when he didn't want a company I started to succeed. However, regardless of all the scam posts they write, we did not get to 70k+ follows without being a legitimate company with great customers and quality product.

Again, if there is any actual list of damages you all are claiming, I would actually really want to see it and would welcome to sit down with you. No emails received have ever included actual first and last names, order #'s, transaction ID's, receipts, email addresses used to place the order(s) or even what they ordered, the size or the date the order(s) took place. Just plain harassment at its finest, and although entertaining to read, none of it is true.

In fact, if you have been wronged by myself or my company, or if you paid and never received an item or a refund for your order, I strongly request you forward all information pertaining to your transaction to shoppinksugar@yahoo.com and not only will your money be immediately refunded, I will also gift you $500 for any pain and suffering.

Thank you


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Jessica, the internet knows about you and state of Michigan courts for extortion and Attorney General's office want you for investment scamming.

Hi Jessica,
I purchased two items from you on 4/10/15 and paid $160.00 through PayPal, emailed you countless times and filed a claim through PayPal, Invoice ID No. WC-2869, Transaction ID No.

79A066416B504550B. So if you are not indeed a fraud, please ship my product or refund my money ASAP because you haven't done either nor have you responded to the Paypal claim :).
to Anonymous #987559


Did you ever get your products or money? My friend has been waiting since last Memorial Day.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #960398


You are a Scam and gold digger. Karma is karma. We just want our .


Detroit, Michigan, United States #920476

Jess you've been doing a good job on your own by stealing money and not sending out packages. Shame on you that you blame other people when the money went into your bank account!!!! We've contacted Ruth to the Rescue to get to the bottom of that.

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