Orchard Lake Village, Michigan
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Jessica Zamarron of Pink Sugar XO arrested for using stolen credit cards obtained by mail thieves Aret and Frances Frangulyan. They pilfered over 759 credit card statements in their car on one run alone.

Aret and Frances used the fake credit cards to buy the stolen bikinis. She finally got taken down!

Imagine this mail fraud ring throughout Metro Detroit! He got caught in her car and is serving two years while the other case is going to trial this November.

Frances is in jail for 180 days and ajessica's case is pending. No wonder why she was on all of those trips - profiting from stolen credit cards.

Monetary Loss: $750000.

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wow wow wow pinsta.me/pinksugarxo adamlovie bikini shop Jess involved in another scam ??? well well well, how much jail time will Jess get? her boyfriend Sam Sesi is involved with securities fraud

i hear he used investor money to give her $10,000 to laser his body and then another $10,000 to do their hair extensions

to Bikini Troy, Michigan, United States #856695

Jess stole a LOT of money from investors and went to the next guy , Sam threw her out, she filed a ppo because of the shame of being thrown out!

to Juji #864922

Did the lover do a DNA test to make sure the kid is his? Could she be scamming him too?


This is another pathetic attempt by Same Sesi and his friend Dana Mcallister to divert attention away from his trial that started today 7-21-2014 on securities fraud charges. He stole over $140,000 from an old lady.

See Channel 4 link


Jessica has taken custody of there son so he will stop at nothing to try and hurt her, again only a pathetic sorry excuse for a real man would do that. As for the Frangulyan's mostly internet lies and rumor spread by sam sesi and friends. There is absolutely no connection between Jessica and the frangulyan's. There are no pending charges against Jessica and the husband who is supposedly serving 2 years is a lie.

He has not been convicted of any of the charges mentioned. Again ALL LIES BY A PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A MAN DESPERATE TO TRY AND DO ANYTHING TO SAVE HIS OWNN BEHIND.

to john3737 #846183

Hi there Joker John! The question is will he save Jessica's behind?

Jessica Zamarron PINKSUGARXO was SPENDING that investor money.

She is just as guilty as Sam. Don't let the vaginoplasty breast enhancement FOOL you.

to john3737 Detroit, Michigan, United States #846409

The wife, Frances Frangulyan, was sentenced to 180 days and 3 years probation after stealing 750 identities while making fake checks and credit cards from mailboxes. The husband, Aret Frangulyan, awaits Trial on November 2014. He's has a long rap sheet including stolen cars.,,

to john3737 #846466

Jessica Zamarron used to work at Krogers. Do they have any video footage?

Jessica then went on to work for Sam Sesi at NOW Property Preservation, LLC and JAC Investments. There are complaints of not paying employees. Johen, that's what I call pathetic. If Jessica and Sam didn't blow that money on vacations and luxury items they can fork it over to possibly save themselves.

I'm sure their parents are proud. What a shame, how sad!

to john3737 #858235

Aret, you are a thief!

to Lulu48383 #858436

Sam Sesi master Thief, with his 3 little apprentices, Dana Mcallister, Helena Jankewicz (AKA) Halina REJ, and Susan Smith. Sam Sesi you cant hide anymore behind people, or your shell companies, Insurance fraud with Hartford insurance company for beginners.

There will be a major unveiling of ALL of your past crimes, I was burned by Sam working for Now Property preservation, I have had a long time and found many many things and spoke to so many of your victims, when your done with securities fraud I will then release a tidal wave of information of your illegal activities.

to Anonymous #861504

make that 4 apprentices -you forgot to add on JESSICA ZAMARRON who used investor money to travel, smoke pot and shop

to Anonymous #873523



Address Types: Registered Agent

Registered Agent: Halina Rej

Any info on this company?

to Anonymous #1669568

Sam is screwing me - Lets connect.

to Lulu48383 #858517

Ladies and Gentleman we have a treat tonight, we actually have Mr Sam Sesi on the line, WOW he has actually climbed out of his cave, we have the great SAM SESI and associates but there to chicken *** to identify them selves, they just like to deflect using fake names and false accusations, fortunately there just lies and more lies but all of you burned by Sam Jessica and the rest check out this site on 9-3-2014 I will release all that is needed please come forward and help the authorities put there case together, From insurance fraud to wire fraud. Everyone please check in on 9-3-2014 will give everyone a happy day but need your help to put the finishing touch on getting these *** artist's put away.

just a sample until 9-3-2014 people scammed by Sam and company, look into Hartford Insurance company, Claims made on behalf of JAC Investments Anyone burned by sam sesi and company call 866-467-8730 Hartford Insurance, have them look into claims by JAC Investments or Sam Sesi and claims under Dana Mcallister.

Many many others but that's all until 9-3-2014. Insurance Fraud that's just the tip of there grand empire of scams

to john3737 #861502

JESSICA and SAM SESI is this the best you can do? Jessica you proud of yourself?

Sam Sesi you teaching your bastardson to be a thief too?

to Allahgoingtopunishyou #862541

I heard Jessica Zamarron got liposuction and a brazilian asslift with the money she stole while at JAC Investments PONZI securities fraud company. Shame on YOU, Jessica & the ever so jealous Sam Sesi.

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