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Jessica Zamarron lies of abuse from her ex. She lies that she sends packages and lies the products are custom made.

Buyer beware!

You might not get anything if you buy from her site. Jessica Zamarron is laughing up the bank!

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Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #1159141

Lots of liars in Poshmark. @tippiejax lies about her sickness so she can win simpathy and get sales.

She betrays her own friend by emailing everyone her friend is a sociopath. She gossips about everyone and fights with lots of people, bad mouth Poshmark and the CEO when she was found out, Poshmark revoked her SU status, she then makes excuses to sell in Ebay which fails, she buys used Free People items in Poshmark then sell it as NWOT in Ebay. As much as she "hates" Poshmark, she keeps coming back. But she lost it all.

No one believes nor trust her anymore.

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