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Jessica Zamarron's website, her former ecommerce site got shut down because she stole money from innocent buyers and failed to send out bikinis or dresses. She claims on her new site that she relaunched and changed companies because the old one couldn't handle all of the traffic with her sales.

Jessica Zamarron is a *** artist! Buyer beware - she will steal your money and run ✈️

Reason of review: Stole investor money.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: She stole my money.

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Mountain View, California, United States #917731

Also i saw on another complaint about her where she responded by saying if im in michigan and youre in florida how could you have taken me to court in florida and won. Lmao thats a hood ghetto response if i ever saw one.

Its simple. The court in florida mails you a subpoena to whatever bogus address you have on file in Michigan.

Then when you fail to show up for court in Florida a judgement is automatically made against you. Pretty simple and common process.

to pissedthefukoff Detroit, Michigan, United States #920479

And more complaints on

to pissedthefukoff Farmington, Michigan, United States #965106

It looks like this owner continues to steal from innocent women. What a scam she is!

Mountain View, California, United States #917492

Thats becoming all too common and something needs to be done about it. Someone gets busted out committing an out and out crime and theyre allowed to simply relaunch under a different name and continue their criminal activity. Sad day indeed.

to pissedthefukoff Harrison Township, Michigan, United States #917703

Now she's going to say that you are the ex or his friends who supposedly abused her and want to sabotage her business. Call Ruth to the Rescue 313-222-0500 or email Ruth to the Rescue to let them know of the fraud Jessica Zamarron is!

to CallRuth Mountain View, California, United States #917709

No need for that. I believe you.

And sorry but i dont give out my number or email address.

Its obvious shes a fraud. If she was legit shed have already sued you for slander.

to pissedthefukoff Novi, Michigan, United States #917719

True very true

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