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Everything behind Jessica Zamarron and Pink Sugar XO all was all created by a PATHETIC excuse for a MAN, non other then Sam Sesi. He is currently on trial for securities fraud, stealing over $140,000 from an old lady. Trial Started 7-21-2014.

Check out channel 4 link


Now that Jessica has kicked Sam Sesi out and taken custody of there baby boy, this pathetic looser will stop at nothing to sling dirt at Jessica and anyway possible including making up stories. There are no pending charges against Jessica and all of the illegal activities were done when Mr. Sam Sesi was running things. Now after some research there is absolutely no link between the Frangulyan's and Jessica Zamarron, additionally the story about the Frangulyans is completely inaccurate, this pathetic excuse for a man Mr. Sam Sesi and his cohort Dana Mcalister saw an article in the internet and thought it would be a perfect tie in to throw more *** on Jessica Zamarron. At the end of the day this company was formed by Sam Sesi and run by Sam Sesi now that he cant have his way or his Child he wants to destroy the mother who is taking care of his son Adam. Sam Sesi dirt bag, manipulative, conniving, and lets not forget Dana Mcallister shes the female version of Sam Sesi. Check around watch the link above then see the truth. Sam Sesi was doing this way before Jessica ever came into the picture. Mastermind on trial 7-21-2014 hopefully jury puts him were he belongs.

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Troy, Michigan, United States #941704

I made the mistake of working for Sam several years ago at a different company. He and Dana are scam artists. I'm thrilled to hear he is finally being prosecuted for something.

to anon #987533

Anon, the guy that wrote this is behind bars in Oakland County jail : Aret Frangulyan for stealing mail out of mailboxes and stealing bank acct info to make fake credit cards.

Taylor, Michigan, United States #911112

sam sesi stole 65,000 from me claiming we were investing in the real estate market. May god make him suffer from now till the day of judgment.

to moe Detroit, Michigan, United States #912343


Jessica stole $25,000 from me last year to invest in her company. She got plastic surgery with my money! She is known from her customers for stealing!


Alias name "John" is that you? Jessica PinkSugarXO AdamLovie is involved in a PONZI scheme with her pink sugar daddy Sam Sesi of JAC Investments and Magellan Telecom Advisors.

SkankJess made a tidy sum deceiving people.

I am out $50,000 because of these pigs. Jessica Zamarron is also known as Jess Sesi, Jessica Scorsesi, Jessica Angeline Zamarron, AdamLovie, PinkSugarXO, SesiJess. There have been many complaints against her and her boyfriend.

The Bloomfield Hills police department is asking that you contact them if you or anyone you know has information about their investment practices. Stop traveling and shopping with money that doesn't belong to you.

KARMA is going to get you soon.

Shame on you Sam and Jess!


Jessica Zammy Zamarron shoulda kept her legs closed - she is motivated by sex and greed...all she wants is money, lots and lots of money. Check out her myspace profile.

Pinksugarxo Jessica was aware of the investor scam and even helped Sam lure investors. She used investor money to shop and travel.

Jessica Zamarron is as guilty as Sam Sesi. These cowards will end up in prison.


pinksugarxo.bigcartel.com bikini baby daddy fraudster samuel sesi ran a ponzi scheme and WILL go to prison for securities fraud baby momma breast augmentation smelly shark jessica zamarron bikini hoho soon to join her loser sugar dada in jail for using investor money to hoho herself around hawaii, las vegas, arizona and california


jazzy jess pinksugarxo.bigcartel.com adamlovie fraud scam is a thief this shill of sam sesi is using investor money to shop and travel BastardAdam will be in cps custody soon sam and jess the two headed snake will get what they deserve in prison


Jessica PinkSugarXO AdamLovie is involved in a PONZI scheme with her baby daddy Sam Sesi of JAC Investments and Magellan Telecom Advisors. A true skank, Jess made a tidy sum deceiving people.

I am out $50,000. The two headed snake, Sam & Jessica are pure EVIL defrauding innocent hard working people. Jessica Zamarron is also known as Jess Sesi, Jessica Scorsesi, Jessica Angeline Zamarron, AdamLovie, PinkSugarXO, SesiJess. Jessica was holding fictitious makeup classes at hotels all the while collecting money from young girls while never providing a service.

She used investor money for travel, wine and dine while at JAC Investments. She continues to use JAC investment money for travel, shopping, cars, boats, drugs and entertainment.

Jessica needs to be behind bars along with her baby daddy. Jessica is Sam Sesi's shill.

Jessica is just as guilty as Sam Sesi.

to Sam Sesi Jessica Zamarron 1 fr Detroit, Michigan, United States #845091

You forgot she stole $20,000 for plastic surgery!

She takes money and doesn't deliver bikinis. I filed a complaint against her on Big Cartel for robbing me of $300.

to Jeanie Lee #845597

Jeanie Lee - I'm happy you filed a complaint against PinkSugarXo / Big Cartel for defrauding you. You may also report her to the Bloomfield Hills Police Department.

Her baby daddy Samuel Sesi is running an investment scheme. Jessica is his accomplice, using investor money to go shopping and traveling. Please do it.

The more we all report her and Sam the less other innocent people will be taken advantage of.

Thank you Jeanie Lee for helping others by reporting this scam artist Jessica Zamarron.

to SamJessica911 Detroit, Michigan, United States #912344

Big Cartel took her website down!!!! Go to www.pinksugarxo.com/Bigcartel and you'll see page not found!


Look at documents more closely, 1st there is no connection between the (4) Same and Jessica have there own fight and issues the Frangulyans just fluff for Sam Sesi to add fire and lies to Jesica. 2nd it does not show all 4 are guilty.

My point to the article was to show that Sam Sesi is trying to do anything possible to draw attention to others and take away from his own problems. His trial started Monday 7-21 and hes been filing motion after motion for delay and trying to bring in more for a defense, hence by posting these lies all over the net hes trying to by time before he is finaly convicted. If you would like I have mountains of research on this Sam Sesi. I was able to dig up all of his Shell L.L.C he has formed over the years using other peoples names as agents or hiring a company so his name dosent show up.

I will be happy to supply to anyone free of charge including any law enforcement agency who is investigating this man SAM SESI Again there is no relation or connection between last article and Pink Sugar.

to John 3737 Wyandotte, Michigan, United States #845092

How do you know this for a fact? It seems that all 4 are a bandit of thieves!

Stealing mail from mailboxes came from Carla Mendez of US Postal Service for the Frangulyans - Aret and Frances. There are several articles from TV stations that Aret and his wife have hundreds of mail and had credit card machines!

to Lucy #845117

Lucy. I know atleast 1 thing for a fact, the frangulyans were actually victims of sam sesi, he was sued by them for $40,000.

Sam Sesi according to court documents was sued by the frangulyans.

So Sam Sesi has a personal score to settle 2nd thise media reports claim the husband was convicted and serving 2 year prison time there is no record of his conviction or him being in prison. So I can only assume the internet stories are just ruemers that have spread in part to Sam Sesi adding more lies and trying to connect them to Jessica.

to john3737 Dearborn, Michigan, United States #845211


My friend's Mom got hoodwinked by Jessica investing money in her company, Scorsesi Makeup, LLC to the tune of $50,000 in 2012. Jessica NEVER paid the money back only to get breast enhancement surgery, filling the gap in her teeth, hair extensions, and the like.

My friend's Mom can't retire now and must work 3 jobs at 67 years old just to try to recoup the loss. Another family became homeless.

I have no knowledge about these other people.

Also, Jessica was owner to Redcarpet Artists and had sham Makeup Events across metro Detroit charging innocent teen girls $300 each for an event never booked. That was in 2011.

Since you check companies, you'll see she opened it up in 2010 from her Belleville house registered at the State of Michigan.

to john3737 #845588

John you are so naive. Please ask your beloved Jessica Zamarron pinksugarxo.com bigcartel bikini website who forward her the money to get breast augmentation, travel to NY and MO and shop for Louis Vuitton handbags.

She stole JAC Investments investor money. Jessica Zamarron is a gypsy scamartist. This shill of Sam Sesi WILL be found guilty and behind bars by end of year.

Beware of snakes John! Spit in the snakes eyes before the snake hypnotize you.

to John 3737 West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, United States #845114

Wow! That's great you've done all this research.

What did you come up for the Frangulyans and Jessica Zamarron since you are all about justice? I saw each Frangulyan has two cases and Jessica one case with the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office.

to Steve #845130

The only case Jessica has in Oakland county is Child CUSTODY case filed against Sam Sesi, I did my research and due diligence. Im not saying she is has not done anything all I am saying is that most of the harsh articles were created by Sam Sesi out of desperation and revenge against people he does not like.

to John 3737 #845591

How does a *** and one who smokes pot get child custody? Bozo Sam and Fortuneteller Jessica are UNFIT "parents" - these two gypsy clowns belong in the circus.

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