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BEWARE !!! She owns PINKSUGARXO, too!

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Jessica Zamarron, owner of ADAMLOVIE, owes me money!I paid for the modeling show and a group of us went to the Fountainbleau in Miami after paying $500 each.

Well my Dear, it was a complete COMPLETE SCAM!!!! I started doing research and noticed there are RIPOFF REPORTS saying she's a wolf in sheep's clothing and takes money from people promising Beauty programs and then doesn't do the program!

She steals money from people and needs to get stopped !

I have been asking again and again for relief and she just laughs and says she will bury me with her attorneys.


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Jessica Zamarron the owner of PinkSugarXo, RedCarpet Artists/ ADAMLOVIE, and anonymous partner of JAC Investments Sam Sesi is stealing money from people and not providing services.Her whole campaign is that she was supposedly abused by her ex.

Sam is pumping her with money he stole from investors and Jess is aware of all this. She is spending stolen money at BCBG, Plum Market , Nordstroms, Louis Vuitton and on car racing, Starbucks, drugs and alcohol. She has a facebook account. Go ahead and her.

CALL the BLOOMFIELD HILLS POLICE DEPARTMENT IN MICHIGAN she is in on investment fraud with her baby daddy Samuel Sesi.

The police are looking for anyone who has invested with Sam Sesi.Jessica aka pinksugarxo adamlovie is using stolen money to travel while investors are suffering due to money loss by the clowns, Sam Sesi and Jessica Zamarron bigcartel .


Official Response From Jessica Zamarron AKA @adamlovie

Some negative reviews and comments have recently been posted on "scam" websites.These comments have suggested that I have stolen or in some way committed a fraud on my customers or employees.

Please note I believe these comments are the work of a former boyfriend with whom I have a restraining order against, or one of his affiliates he somehow upset.

When I left that relationship a year ago, he has threatened to "destroy me" and has worked diligently to do so. However, I am stronger than this - Please believe me. The negative comments posted are a web of lies crafted by this man or one of his affiliates.

I have, and will continue to run an honest, ethical business. I pride myself on my hard work and dedication to my customers.

If anyone has any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact me.

For those comments posted about a "scam" or money that is owed, I strongly encourage you to send me your order #, contact information and any and all information regarding this and I will personally work with you directly.

Thank you all and have an amazing day

Jessica Zamarron Owner of Pink Sugar Personal Instagram - @adamlovie Business Instagram - @pinksugarxo

to Jessica Zamarron #799547

Jessica Zamarron Sesi - When you were at JAC Investments and all that money was coming in from Innocent Investors you NEVER once felt mentally abused by Sam Sesi.The both of you were shopping, driving fancy cars and limos, eating and traveling all over the country using money that was not yours.

Once people found out about the scam and stopped investing and the money flow slowed, you claim mental abuse.

The only mental abuse is from you - the money you stole from investors has caused a lot of heartache and hardship.

See you in court very soon.

to Jessica Zamarron #851544

Jessica instagram swapMEAT Louis is involved with Samuel Sesi / JAC Investments using investor money to shop and travel.Stolen money doesn't buy class Jess.

You are trashy cheap.

Call the Bloomfiled Hills Police Department to report them of fraud.CALL NOW do not wait - Call the Bloomfield Township Police Department at 248-433-7755.

to Jessica Zamarron #951049

PinkSugarXOjessicascam Oct 07, 2014

YOU need to call to report

CALL ASAP phone number is 480-505-8877

this is where the domain name is registered

They may freeze her domain name the way they did - she was pretending to be a makeup artist to famous people and movie stars and cheating girls out of money holding fictitious makeup classes Jessica Zamarron uses for her shopping cart To file a complaint enter this link into your browser: You may go to, find CONTACTS and scroll down and then find the link to complain about fraud.Remember, it's NOT just $200, it's money you earned.

Imagine how much all never shipped ticket items add up to. She is a THIEF.

Her sugar daddy Sam Sesi is involved in securities fraud, scamming an elderly lady out of more than $140,000.The Bloomfield Hills police department is interested in anyone who has invested or has information about Sam Sesi, sugar daddy of Jessica Zamarron.

to pinksugarxojessica #1124702

Jessica Zamarron got fined $50,000 from the state of Michigan for scamming investors. It was with her online company SCORSESI MAKEUP LLC

to Jessica Zamarron Novi, Michigan, United States #965827

You are a scam stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from Toni and Dwight and other innocent people. You will get caught one day.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States #799190

Jessica Zamarron - aka AdamLovie, PinkSugarXO, Jessica Sesi of JAC Investments, Jessica Scorsesi of RedCarpet Artist (website shut down for FRAUD)

Worked with Samuel Sam Sesi who has a history of fraud.Traveled all over using money she and Sam took from innocent people.

She should pay back the money she used to travel with. She is now using the excuse she was abused mentally when this was never the case when Sam was pumping her with money. When the gravy train stopped, claims of abuse arise.

The only abuser is Jessica, a true scam artist.

to PinkSugarXO #799262

I'm their former neighbor and they would fight all the time.We had to break up the fights mainly because he wanted her to leave over 3 years.

Jess threw a huge heavy rock for landscaping at his head and belittled him repeatedly.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #798912

I agree and you should never be afraid to get your money back!

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